A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

TriTres is a reimagining of the classic game, Tetris. However, instead of the classic 4-block tetrominos, TriTres introduces the 3-piece polyominos!!

Play a class like never before.

Install instructions

For Mac users, download the TriTres.app.zip ZIP file. Unzip the folder, and double click the app to run.

For Windows users, download the TriTres.zip ZIP file. Unzip the folder. Inside the folder is the executable TriTres.exe. Double click to run.

For Linux users, download the TriTres_Linux.zip ZIP file. Unzip the folder. Inside is an x86_64 file to run.


TriTres.zip 26 MB
TriTres.app.zip 25 MB
TriTres_Linux.zip 26 MB


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Hello, I'm making a gameplay video from your game. I'm enjoying your game. Thank you for making great game.